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derila kissen kaufenChoosing the right pillow is one of the factors that determine the quality of sleep. If the neck becomes tense during sleep, the affected person wakes up again and again. They try to adopt a different sleeping position. The restlessness during the night results in these people being less efficient during the day.

The mood only lifts again when the right pillow has finally been found. The Derila pillow gives many people the relief they had hoped for.

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Derila pillow reviews and customer experience (UK)

The pillow is filled with memory foam. As a result, it adapts perfectly to the position of the head. The neck and shoulder area are relieved by the position taken. The Derila pillow is manufactured by a Lithuanian company. Only a few details about the technical details are published by the manufacturer. The obvious facts can be clearly recognised by customers.

The ergonomic design gives the body a relieving support. The head finds its appropriate position thanks to the additional hollow. This causes the neck and back to relax during the night. The memory foam absorbs the weight of the head. When the weight is removed, the Derila pillow immediately returns to its original shape. This means that the head can be relaxed again when it moves during sleep.

For whom is it suitable?

The pillow offers enrichment for all sleepers. Side, stomach and also back sleepers are pleasantly supported by the Derila. Side sleepers can rest their head on the soft pillow. The head sinks in and the neck is supported by the curvature of the fabric. The spine relaxes. Stomach sleepers can turn the pillow into the desired position. This makes breathing easier. The memory foam absorbs the weight of the head. The face only sinks in enough to keep the airways clear. Back sleepers often suffer from snoring. The head sinks too low and the airways in the throat are blocked. The Derila pillow supports the head. It can be held in a comfortable position that facilitates breathing. Back sleepers will also find this pillow very comfortable.

What advantages does it offer?

In addition to the ergonomic shape and the soft memory foam, the handling of the pillow should also be emphasised. The light weight makes it easy to take the pillow with you on any journey. The pleasant pad for the head can provide relaxation on long train journeys. The passenger can take a relaxing break in the car. Hotel pillows seem uncomfortable to many people.

The covers may be clean, but the filling can make you feel uncomfortable. The Derila pillow ensures a restful night’s sleep even in a hotel bed. The foam makes it easy to store in the suitcase. On the bed, it immediately resumes its familiar shape. The cover can be cleaned in the washing machine. This way, the traces of the night or travels are quickly removed again.

How is it constructed?

The pillow is combined of three different layers. The innermost layer is filled by the high-density memory foam. This memory foam forms the central layer. It adapts directly to the shape of your own head. The foam is enclosed in a stable material. This ensures that the memory foam remains permanently undamaged. The third level is surrounded by the washable cover.

This can be removed with a zip. The cover can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. After drying, the cushion is covered with it again. This outer layer is made of a temperature-regulating fabric. This ensures that there is no accumulation of heat. The moisture from the skin is released directly into the surrounding air. In this way, sleepers wake up on a dry pillow. Sleep is not interrupted in this way.

What are the special features?

If you search for pillows on the internet, you will discover many different models. This ergonomically shaped pillow from Derila has a very special shape. Viewed from above, it is reminiscent of a butterfly. The butterfly support wings form an important detail. This ergonomic shape achieves that all sleeping positions are equally well supported. No matter what type of sleeper a person is, they will always find a comfortable sleep. Even those people who want to sleep in different positions can use this pillow successfully.

The neck is kept in an elevated position. The fold of the neck makes it possible to rest the head calmly. It thus maintains its position more easily and does not roll back and forth during sleep. If a new position is adopted during the night, the memory foam immediately takes on its original shape. If you were lying on your back before, you can now lie on your side. The neck support ensures that the spine is immediately relieved accordingly.

Reviews and ratings from customers in the UK

Many positive reviews can be found on the internet. They all describe that their own sleep was significantly improved by this pillow. The pleasant smell after unpacking was also mentioned. Many describe that they had woken up with back pain after long years. The Derila pillow has now solved this problem. For the first time, night sleep is restful again. The shape of the pillow ensures that the neck is relieved during the night. The pillow is shipped quickly by the manufacturer.

Finding the right pillow is not always easy. Especially people who like to change their sleeping position often have a problem. One pillow is well suited when sleeping on the back. Another product is especially comfortable for side sleepers. Yet another is recommended for stomach sleepers. But no one wants to keep picking up a new pillow during a night’s sleep. Besides, it would always mean new expenditure. The Derila pillow is the solution.

It can be used in any sleeping position. The neck is supported in every position. This allows the entire spine to relax during sleep. The memory foam ensures a peaceful night. On conventional pillows, people wake up more often. The pillow has to be readjusted. The head slips out of its comfortable position. The special material and butterfly wings make it easier for the head to maintain its position. Even if the position is changed, the material directly stabilises the body in the desired way. The pillow immediately returns to its original shape and supports the head accordingly.

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